Thursday, September 18, 2008

God is Faithful - Even When I am Faithless

Yesterday I found out that the job I though I might be getting is probably not going to work out. I spent the afternoon getting angry with my mom over stupid stuff, pouting, whining, worrying, and scouring the internet for a job. I just knew that I was going to be unemployed forever...that there was nothing out there for me. I'm sure God was shaking his head and sighing in exasperation over my lack of faith. He must love me though, because later that night he restored my faith. Last night I received emails about three different positions. This morning I talked to one family's previous nanny on the phone (she was the one doing the interviewing). The job actually sounds pretty good. Of course, this one could fall through too, but it is good to know that there are still jobs out there. I will find a great job, and I believe it will happen soon.

Alabama hasn't been as bad as I originally made it out to be. The weather has been beautiful and I've actually been having a pretty good time. Yesterday we went out on the lake in the boat. My parents own 1,000 feet of lake front property, but because it is so hilly and the trees so dense, you can't see the lake from the house. It was nice to be able to see more of the property from the water. I have only seen the small, cleared area where the house is. I'm not fond enough of spiders and ticks to venture into the woods for exploration (I feel fairly certain that this brings into question my pirate status).

Last night I made dinner for the family, and I'm proud to sat that it was a success. I love to cook for myself, but making food for other people always makes me nervous. I made creamy parsley and pistachio fettuccine (well, we didn't have fettuccine on hand so I actually used spaghetti noodles) and pistachio crusted chicken. I didn't have a recipe for the chicken. It was something I had eaten at a restaurant at The Grove when I was in LA. I had been wanting to try to make it ever since. I didn't measure anything, so I can't give you an exact recipe, but basically I chopped shelled pistachios in the food processor (enough to coat the amount of chicken you are preparing), put the nuts in a zip-lock bag with some black pepper, put the chicken in and shook it up to coat it. I then baked the chicken (I like my chicken absurdly well done, so I won't presume to tell you how long to cook yours. Any chicken recipe can give you a general idea of how to properly bake chicken).

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