Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cookies and Cracked Faces

I say, if you are going to bother making Gingerbread men, they should be Super Gingerbread Men! I made these last weekend using a recipe given to me by a lady I've known my whole life. She used to make them for me when I was a child, but her arthritis makes it hard for her to make many of them anymore. I'm very thankful that she shared the recipe with me, as I LOVE them. They are part of Christmas for me. :D

Only one week till Christmas! I'm very excited. :D My Grandma is here now, and my Aunt and Uncle will be here early next week. The house is all Christmasy, and our pantry runneth over with junk food. If you have not had the Hershey Cheesecake Kisses, run right out and get some!!

My nephew and niece were here the past couple days, and my mom, nephew, and I decided to be chefs again. This time we decorated the pre-cut sugar cookies. (Personally, I do not endorse this kind of baking, but my mom bought them. What could I do? They had to be made.) My nephew is learning about sharing now. Those of you with experience with children will understand that to a 3 year old, sharing means that they get everything you have and also get to keep what they already had. Everytime my mom would decorate a cookie and start to put it in her mouth, my nephew would say, "How bout you share that with me?!" She would offer him a bite, and he would insert the entire cookie into his mouth. Isn't sharing fun?

In other cute nephew news; this morning, my Grandma was playing with my nephew when he looked at her face, noticed the wrinkles, and said, "Nana! You have cracks in your face!" Later in the day when he got angry and made a face at us, Grandma said, "When you make that angry face, you get cracks too!" His expression turned to one of shock. He ran out of the room for parts unknown, and I yelled to him to ask where he was going. He hollered back to me, "I'm going to the bathroom to look in the mirror and see if there are cracks!!" To his great relief, he found that his face was still crack free.

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