Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2009! I rang in the New Year by playing a rousing game of Pirates of the Caribbean Scene It with Keli (I'm still the undefeated champ. Anyone want to try to beat me?) Last night we had a church party from 6-9:30. I had really expected it to be lame, but it turned out to be pretty fun. Afterward, Keli came over and spent the night. I was finally able to introduce her to the awesomeness that is Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. (If you have not yet seen this wonder, you can and should watch it free online at the link I provided. It is truly amazing.) After Dr. Horrible, a 68 piece Pirates of the Caribbean puzzle, Scene It, and hours of online survey taking and general chit chat, we finally went to bed around 5 AM. All in all, especially when compared to last New Year's Eve where I spent the evening hiding in my Grandma's room from the very strange man who lived in her basement apartment but wanted to watch TV in her living room, it was a great New Year's.

I have not yet decided if I will make any resolutions. It seems like a surefire way to NOT do something is to make a New Year's resolution to do it. Perhaps I'll just take the things that I want to change one day at a time. If I were going to make New Year's resolutions, I suppose that would be to A. Be more faithful about prayer and Bible reading and B. to exercise more (really, any exercise at all would be more than I get now). As I said, I think I will take these things one day at a time.

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