Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blog World, I Don't Think We Are In Florida Anymore

Have you met my scarf?  When I made it back in November for my trip to Tennessee, I had no idea that in January it would become my new best friend.  (The scarf, btw, was loosely inspired by this one that Rose Tyler wears in season 1 of Doctor Who.) 

People, it is COLD here in Florida this weekend!  Just a couple hours north of me it SNOWED today.  I was out shopping this afternoon, and I swear the temperature gauge on my car never got over 39 degrees.  I'm loving it!  I'm knitting myself up a pair of fingerless gloves, and I've pretty much kept the finished one on all evening.  I can't wait to get the second one done.  I may have to sleep with them on tonight.  I'm not used to this kind of weather anymore.  :D

Speaking of the fingerless gloves, I have now learned how to knit cables! Guess what.  It wasn't even that hard!  I also have been practicing working with double pointed knitting needles, and I've found that those aren't really all that complicated either.  It seems like, for me, the most complicated thing is sizing.  I think I need to start making gauge swatches.  For some reason, this is something I've never really done.  I have a tendency to rush headlong into a project and just hope that it will come out the right size.  I won't be able to do that if I am making things to wear.  At any rate, I'm excited about the things I have learned, and I'm discovering that I really enjoy knitting. 


Jenn said...

Well, I think it's safe to say you will have more appropriate clothing next time you visit me in the spring if you continue running your knitting factory. Hee. I LOVE that scarf. And my birthday is coming up, you know ... only seven and a half months away. Just something to think about. ;) I hope you don't turn into an Icy Chad!

Candycane said...

Send some over to the UK to if yo ever go into buisness :P

It's soooooo cold here at the mo!!

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