Monday, March 19, 2012

Mac, You Let Me Down!

Ugh, computers are frustrating!!!!!!   Last Sunday night, I went to use my computer,  and it kept freezing up.  I tried rebooting, but couldn't get past the apple logo screen.  Monday I took it in to the "Genius Bar" and they said I had a hard drive failure.  They wiped and reinstalled my computer which so far seems to be working, but apparently when I backed up recently (which was the first time I'd backed up in a really long time) I'd had iPhoto open.  I had no idea it wouldn't back up when open.  I lost a TON of pictures.  I had everything up to February of 2011.  Thankfully, I had about 900 pictures saved in my camera still since August, but I've lost everything between February and August as well as some big groups of pictures that I'd deleted off my camera since August.  When I discovered this, I cried.  The ONE thing on my hard drive that really mattered to me. :( At least I am good about uploading a ton of photos to Facebook.  They aren't going to be high quality, but at least they aren't totally gone. 

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