Sunday, August 12, 2012

iPhone Woes

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If you haven't guessed already, I did manage to get a new hard drive in my MacBook, and I've got it all up and running now.  Yeah!! Unfortunately, I'm now without my iphone.  Last weekend D and I were at his shop (he's a wood worker), and he dropped his droid on the concrete and broke it.  He's been using a loaner flip phone for the past week.  Friday night we were chatting on the phone, and I was teasing him about having a flip phone.  Apparently, what goes around really does come around.  Saturday morning I got up, walked into my bathroom, and set my phone on top of a little container of eye make remover wipes that was sitting on my counter.  As soon as I put the phone on it, the container tipped over and my phone went flying into the toilet. Unfortunately, this is not my phone's first swim in the porcelain pool.  Last time I managed to dry it out in some rice, and it was good as new.  This time something seems to have happened to the backlight. I can turn the phone on, but I can't really see the screen.  My contract isn't up yet, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about replacing it.  I have no insurance on it or anything.  For now I'm using a $20 flip phone.  It has no bells or whistles, but it makes phone calls, texts (though not easily) and will work as an alarm clock.  I guess that's better than nothing.  I really have to start being more careful with my phones!

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