Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Spooktacular Symphony!

 A couple of weeks ago the local symphony did a family Halloween event.  The boys had never been to the symphony, so I thought it would be a fun way to introduce them to something that I love.  The first hour of the event was trick or treating and getting hands-on with the instruments.  The boys had a blast getting to play on the cello, violin, trumpet, bassoon, harp, and some of the percussion "toys." The various members of the symphony were dressed in Halloween costumes and were giving out candy, so of course they enjoyed that as well. 
Many of the children who came to the event were also dressed in costumes, but we hadn't finished this years costumes a that point, so the boys had to go without.  

During the actual performance, the children were invited to come and sit up on the stage to listen and watch.  It was fun seeing all the kids up there in their costumes.

The concert itself had it's ups and downs.  I enjoyed most of the music they played, but I think they could have made some better, more exciting choices for something directed toward children.  I think if you want to get kids excited about music, you need to give them interesting music to start out with.  A few of their choices were fun and appropriately spooky for the theme, but much of it was a bit of a snooze...even for me. Still, we all had a wonderful time, and I loved seeing the boys get excited about the different instruments.
I hope we have the opportunity to go to another event like this in the future. 

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