Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to Square One

Another week half over, and I'm still no closer to a job. I did finally hear back from the family I had been communicating with, but the answer I got wasn't really the one I wanted. Apparently they had hired a temp for the time I was out of town, and now the temp wants to stay on permanently. The mom told me she hadn't decided for sure, but I'm not going to be holding my breath. I've contacted a few more families, but so far haven't heard anything back. In the mean time, I'm beginning to grow accustomed to unemployment, and I'm not particularly happy about that.

Last night I decided to go to Wednesday night service with my parents. I generally don't go on Wednesdays as my Bible study takes place on Mondays, but frankly I'm tired of sitting around my house. I'm glad I went. It was a prayer service, and it was really nice to have the chance to pray with others and lift up the needs of my church family. After church we had dinner at Crispers - one of my favorite restaurants. I love their tropical chicken sandwich...yum!!

This morning I did some housework for my mom, and now I'm sitting around being lazy again and watching X Files on DVD. I've never watched this show before. I put it in my netflix queue one day because I couldn't come up with anything else to put in it. I'm on the second disc of the first season, and I'm finding that I actually enjoy it. I'm sure I would have hated it back when it was originally on, but thankfully tastes change in a decade and a half.

If you haven't noticed by all the Disney blogs my blog roll, I'm obsessed with Disney World. I'm a season pass holder, and I go any time I get the chance. I haven't been since May (I know, poor me) and I'm starting to go through with-drawl. If it weren't for the money I'd have to spend on gas to get there, I would go tomorrow by myself and just hang out for the day. If only I had someone to share the ride and gas with me, but alas most people have jobs and lives and can't just up and go to Disney anytime they feel like it. Maybe I should look for a nanny job close to Orlando. ;)

Happy Birthday, Jenn!

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