Sunday, September 7, 2008

What's In a Name? (A.K.A. PirateDiva Explained)

Before I move on to other things, I feel an issue must be addressed. I was just asked in a comment on my last post, "what exactly is a PirateDiva?" Good question! Well, I guess it's just me! At the height of my Pirates of the Caribbean obsession, my screen name in one of the chat rooms I was frequenting would change to various Piratey names...PirateCrazy, CrazyPirate, PiratesRRRhot (yes, really), etc. One day, I was being particularly snooty in some musical discussion and decided that I was acting like a diva. The nick changed to PirateDiva, and it has stuck with me ever since. So there you have it...the story of how Lauren became the PirateDiva.

Today I turned down a job in New York state. I actually did consider it for awhile and even emailed the family with some questions. The job sounded pretty good, but it didn't seem great. If I'm going to uproot and leave my nephew and niece (and baby #3 to be), I'm going to need great. The truth is, a part of me wants to go away. I'm not particularly happy at my church (not because there is anything wrong with my church, there just isn't much going on that I can really get involved in). I have very few friends here, and I spend most of my off time sitting in my room talking to friends online, reading, watching TV, etc. Those activities and online friends will be there no matter where I go, and just maybe I could find some friends somewhere that I could actually hang out with. A new environment and a change could be exciting. However, the other (and much stronger) part of me can't bear the thought of leaving. I love being close to my family, I adore being able to be a part of my sister's kids' lives, and let's face it, home is safe. The decision I have made today is that I will not (for now) be actively seeking employment out of state, but I will be open to the possibility should it come up again.

It has been such fun having my nephew and niece here this weekend. This morning my niece woke up at 6:30. I got her out of her crib, changed her, got her a bottle, and laid her down with me in my bed. We both fell asleep there (waking up off and on) until around 10:00. She was so sweet and smiley when we woke up. We just sat there in the bed and played and giggled for about a half hour until my nephew came banging on the door to see what was going on with his "baby princess." My nephew and I went swimming this afternoon. He is getting braver in the pool all the time. He can hold onto the side and walk his way down the wall to the deep end by himself. He is so proud of himself. Sigh, how could I ever leave them?

When I started this blog I made a commitment to spending time everyday in prayer and Bible reading. I had been doing really well, but I've slacked off the past couple days. I can't have that happening. I need to keep myself on track. Once I start slacking it get's too easy to keep on slacking, and then I notice a huge change in every aspect of my life (and it's not a good change!). Thankfully, the Lord keeps on reminding me and pushing me to do better.

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Jenn said...

Pfft, if you're going out of state, it should be somewhere way cooler than New York. Who needs all that culture and excitement when you can have rain, Starbucks and ... me!?

No, really, like I told you before, God has a plan, and there's a reason why the perfect job hasn't come up yet. It will come. And in the mean time, you can keep on keeping me company at night. ;-)

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