Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Day Goes By

PhotobucketYAY!! The new season of Bones starts in just a few more hours. Hey, when you have nothing going on in life, these little things become important.

Last night I thought I had a possible job open up, but it didn't work out. This family had basically no information about themselves or what they were looking for on the website, but they wanted me to give them my phone number. I responded saying that I would like to ask some questions before giving out my number, and she wrote back with a very interesting response. She answered my questions, and it all sounded really good until I got to the part where she said something along the lines of me not being the right nanny for her because I'm not trusting. She wouldn't want someone who isn't trusting around her child. Then she went on to say that did she mention she lived in a mansion on the water and I would have had very nice living quarters. Now, pardon me if I am wrong here, but personally I think there is a HUGE difference between showing caution and not trusting. Why on earth should I give out my phone number to a complete stranger who has told me nothing about herself? Oh well, I'm pretty sure God was protecting me here. I felt weird about it as soon as I got her email saying she wanted my number. Something just didn't seem right, which was why I proceeded the way that I did. I certainly don't want to live with and work for someone who is that crazy! No amount of money is worth that kind of frustration.

This should prove to be another long weekend. We will once again be watching my niece and nephew...Thursday - Sunday this time. My mom will be out of town, so I'm hoping my dad will help as much as he has promised! It's always fun having them here, but it can also be exhausting. Their schedules get a bit messed up by not being at home, so they don't always sleep as well or as much. Still, we will have a good time. I love being with them.

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Anonymous said...

I think you made the right choice. Mansion or not, it almost sounds like she was looking for a servant more than a nanny. Trust is earned. Caution shows you are sensible. How would she feel if someone was asking about her children and you just freely gave the information?

The right job will come. You have the fortune to be choosy at the moment... it will be worth it, despite the frustration.

Good things come to those who wait. ;)


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