Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lauren Ponders...

Why would Clark say, "ow!" when Martha pulled on his ear in Season's Greedings? Are you telling me that a man who can take bullets without blinking, can't handle having his mommy grab his earlobe?

I'll leave you to ponder why Lauren is watching Christmas eps in October. ;)


Jenn said...

OK, I have a theory. They were in the middle of the newsroom, and with other people around, it would look kind of strange to have Clark just stand there. He has to act normal sometimes -- and he has to be hot all the time.

And I do not judge you for watching Christmas eps now; you know I busted out "O Holy Night" a few weeks ago.

Jenn said...

OK, I have a second theory if you opt to reject my first one. People have, um, theorized that Clark can, uh, feel pleasure -- and pain -- in terms of the sensations. And if he was already worn down a bit by the Space Rats, it may have felt like an unpleasant sensation.

Anonymous said...

He said 'ow' because he respects the authority and gesture his mother is making. That's my theory. :)

You know... Seasons Greedings is the most played ep in this house because it is Bethany's favorite ep. It has 2 of her 3 favorite people in it - Deeeeaaaan and Santa. If Mickey was in it, her trio would be complete, and we'd never be able to convince her to watch any of the other episodes.

Any time is a good time for Christmas by the way.
That's what I believe anyways!

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