Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some Nanny Lauren Time

This weekend I am watching the little girl I used to nanny. I have really missed her, so I was looking forward to this. Imagine her surprise when she discovered Christmas in Lauren World. Amazingly enough, she had no idea that it was Christmas time. ;) Last night we watched The Santa Clause, and she got to sleep next to the Christmas tree. She asked me to leave it on for her. At one point she got a little sad and started crying for mommy, but she was OK once we put on the movie. She hadn't seen it before and really liked it. After the movie she told me, "I am still a little sad and miss my mommy, but I don't feel like crying. If I cry all night then I won't sleep, and I need to sleep!" She really must have needed that sleep because was out as soon as her head hit the pillow.

This morning we slept till 9:30. I really thought she would wake up earlier, so I was very thankful. We watched Santa Clause 2 for awhile, and then made the hour long drive over to Build a Bear. I got the Santa outfit for Clark and the Snow Angel for Rilla, so finally my bears get to be dressed in their Christmas outfits. We also picked out a new outfit for her bear. After shopping for our bears we headed over to Panera for lunch. I had kind of wanted to hang around and do some more shopping, but she was ready to go back to the house and dress the bears in their new outfits. I think they look very cute. ;) Now she is playing with Samantha, my American Girl doll. It's nice to have someone play with her. Samantha was meant to be played with, but she seems to spend a lot of time lying in her bed in her nightgown. Last night we were looking at the American Girl website and I discovered that Samantha is being retired! I'm kind of sad about that, but perhaps it will make mine worth more someday...not that I plan on ever selling her.


The Happenings of Supernurse said...

Awww! Your bears look so cute! I need to get some clothes for Bones too ;)

I didn't know they were retiring Samantha! That makes me so sad. I loved those dolls.

scraps_n_stuff said...

I just heard the news about Samantha a few weeks ago, so sad. Maybe they will bring her back for her 30th anniversary.... what has happened to our beloved Pleasant Company?

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