Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Chair Scooter

Have I mentioned before how much I love being an auntie? ;) I guess maybe I have. This little girl gets more and more precious every time I see her, and I see her a lot! My tired, pregnant sister hands over her kids pretty easily these days. When my nephew was first born, it took her forever to let us watch him. With my niece she let us have her a lot sooner. We have been speculating that with the third one she may just have us take them all home with us right from the hospital. :P Ok, so that isn't likely, but I'm guessing it won't take very long for her to be dropping them all off on our doorstep for a night or two. Not that any of us mind. My parents love being hands on grandparents, and me, well, have I mentioned that I love being an auntie?

This picture shows my niece in her favorite spot in the house. For some reason, she just loves the sound of the wooden stool legs scraping against the ceramic tile. (For those of you not familiar with this sound, think fingernails on a chalkboard). It can be annoying, but she is just so cute and sweet and happy when she is doing it! We usually let her have her fun for a minute or so before we move her away from them. Yes, she is weeee bit spoiled, but look at that face! How could you not spoil her?! She is very good natured though, so I don't think it's gone to her head...yet.

Things are pretty quiet on the handbell front right now. The children's director at church has asked me to hold off until February because of some renovations happening this month in the Children's area of the church. At least this gives me a little extra time to prepare.


Jenn said...

Just wait until Collin hits the terrible two's and I'll be sending him on a plane to be spoiled by Auntie Chad. Whether he'll be traveling in the cargo hold depends on just how bad he is. (Just kidding.)

The little chair scooter is entirely too cute, and I'd spoil her, too. Who could say no to that face?!? I suspect I will be like your sis and not want to let Collin out of my sight at first, and by Truffle No. 2, I'll be offering them to strangers on the street.

Anonymous said...

She is adorable! It's funny seeing all the quirky little things toddlers find delight in. You are a wonderful aunty... who wouldn't want to leave their kids with you. Can I ship Mitchell over for a few years?

You have to enjoy these years as much as possible too. They don't stay little for long...

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