Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Things

I did this for facebook, but I thought I'd go ahead and post it here too. Why not, right?

The rules were to write 25 things about yourself and then tag 25 other people to do it too.

25 Things About Me

01. I became a Christian at the age of 4 while getting ready for bed in the bathroom with my mom and sister.

02. I have lost about 70 lbs over the past 2 years and, so far, have managed to not find them again.

03. Last year (2008) I attended LAFF (Los Angeles FoLC (Friends of Lois and Clark) Fest) with people I had formerly only known through the Internet, and I had a blast! (See, I’m not ashamed of attending a Superman Convention!)

04. I can occasionally see dolphins playing in the water behind my house from my living room window.

05. I saw Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End 6 times in the theater.

06. I LOVE being an auntie!

07. My build-a-bears are possibly better dressed than I am.

08. I own Superman sheets (not on my bed…they are for my air mattress. I would use them on my bed, but they are too small. I DO use the pillowcase though.)

09. I can watch a show like Bones and not be at all bothered by the mangled and nasty dead bodies, but start talking about drawing a little blood (even if it’s not my own) and my face turns white as a sheet, and I have to leave the room. In fact…I think I need to go lie down now.

10. I cannot EVER remember how to spell “restaurant.” Spell check had to fix that for me.

11. I send an email to Santa every Christmas

12. It is entirely possible that I am the pickiest eater you have ever met. (I’m getting better though!)

13. I am afraid of dogs.

14. I love it when a song makes me cry

15. I have read the book Rilla of Ingleside at least twice a year since I was a preteen (I have been known to get to the end and flip right back to the beginning to start over). It never gets old and I still cry every time.

16. I took piano lessons all the way from kindergarten through college, but I still can’t play.

17. I have twice had a melt down in the middle of JoAnn Fabrics while trying to decide on whether or not I really wanted to purchase certain pieces of material.

18. I used to tape and save every episode of Full House

19. I haven’t been to Disney World since October, and I’m starting to go into with-drawl. (Someone go to Disney with me!! I have a pass, but no one who wants to go!)

20. I love children, and I would really like to adopt several someday

21. I love to sing, both by myself and in front of people

22. I made my own calendar this year because I’m a fan of too many things to have the same basic thing on my wall all year.

23. I was an “unsocialized” homeschooler from 4th – 12th grade, and yet I have 181 Facebook friends. I must not be THAT socially awkward.

24. As a child I had two bunnies named Bun and Bun (my Dad named them) but they were wild and we had to eventually let them go.

25. I hate chalk and refuse to touch it.


Jessica said...

I'm jealous of number 4 and totally agree with number 10.

Becca said...

do you still have a major passion for peanut butter?

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