Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Saving Memories

Transferring old videos to DVD is not a fun task. Don't get me wrong, seeing all the old footage is great fun, but the actual process is slow and very time consuming. I am currently working on getting all my College videos made into DVDs, but things are not going smoothly. Sometimes I'll burn a disc and it will work fine, but the next time everything seems to freeze up and it never finishes. It's not even like I'll be done after that. I still have to do all the years and years of Betamax home movies! This seems like it should be a simpler process. Perhaps it is for someone who isn't trying to figure it all out as they go. At any rate, I feel like I'll be working on it forever!

I think this painstaking process will be worth it all in the end though. We have so many videos that I would hate to lose. Those old beta tapes will not last forever, and neither will the beta player! (I think it's kind of amazing that it's still around now! We've gone through scads of VHS and DVD players over the years, but have had that same beta player my whole life...maybe longer...and it is still working. Kinda makes me wonder why those didn't become more standard.) As painful as this all is, I am kind of looking forward to watching some of those old tapes as I go through them. Lots of good memories!

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