Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thinking Through What I Sing

Tonight I was listening to my Ipod in the car on the way home, and the song Hungry came up. I was singing along as I usually do, when I came to the words, "I'm falling on my knees, offering all of me. Jesus You're all this heart is living for." I turned off the ipod at that point and thought about those words..."offering all of me." Now, I can't speak for others here, but I wonder, how many times do I sing along with a song in my car or even sing in church, these same kinds of words without really thinking about what I'm actually pledging to God with my lips. Offering ALL of me...what does that really mean? Holding nothing back from him. Everything is, as Elisabeth Elliot would say, "material for sacrifice." That is not easy! Those little fears that I want to hold on to, my comfort, my time, my money, those little "harmless" sins...EVERYTHING. It must all be offered to God. It sounds so easy until He shows you one of those things that you need to of the ones you really wanted to hold on to. "Oh Lord, really, you want that?! I kind of wanted to just hold on to that one leeettle thing!" But no, I must offer it all to Him. Of course, in the end, when I do relinquish that thing, I always find that it wasn't worth holding onto anyway...that He pours out much greater blessings on my life than that silly little thing I was holding on to. Still though, when it comes to the point where I know I must surrender it, it always seems so hard...sometimes impossible even. But, "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." (Philippians 4:13). Praise the Lord that He gives me that strength!

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