Monday, June 1, 2009

Lauren: The Phlegmatic Choleric

Personality / Temperament for Lauren

Test taken on June 1st 2009

Personality: Phlegmatic Choleric

Strength:3 Weakness:6

Phlegmatic Strength:10 Weakness:9
Sanguine Strength:1 Weakness:0

Choleric Strength:6 Weakness:5
Interesting. I actually took this test (click me) twice. The first time I was a little higher on Melancholy than Choleric. Both times I scored VERY low in Sanguine, and after reading the description, this does not surprise me in the least. Reading the strengths and weaknesses of the different personalities actually showed me a few things about myself. Obviously, not all the strengths or weaknesses apply to me, but many in the Phelgmatic personality do. While reading the descriptions (both on that site and on others), I kept saying to myself, "That is SO me!"

The PhlegChlor (Click me too!)
(I've highlighted in green the things that most remind me of myself.)

The most active of all phlegmatics is the PhlegChlor. But it must be remembered that since he is predominantly a phlegmatic, he will never be a ball of fire. Like his brother phlegmatics, he is easy to get along with and may become an excellent group leader. The phlegmatic has the potential to become a good counselor, for he is an excellent listener, does not interrupt the client with stories about himself, and is genuinely interested in other people. Although the PhlegChlor rarely offers his services to others, when they come to his organized office where he exercises control, he is a first-rate professional. His advice will be practical, helpful, and – if he is a Bible-taught Christian - quite trustworthy. His gentle spirit never makes people feel threatened. He always does the right thing, rarely goes beyond the norm...

The weaknesses of the PhlegChlor are not readily apparent but gradually come to the surface, especially in the home. In addition to the lack of motivation and the fear problems of the other phlegmatics, he can be determinedly stubborn and unyielding. He doesn't blow up at others, but simply refuses to give in or cooperate. He is not a fighter by nature, but often lets his inner anger and stubbornness reflect itself in silence. The PhlegChlor often retreats to his "workshop" alone or nightly immerses his mind in TV. The older he gets, the more he selfishly indulges his sedentary tendency and becomes increasingly passive. Although he will probably live a long and peaceful life, if he indulges these passive feelings it is a boring life – not only for him, but also for his family. He needs to give himself to the concerns and needs of his family.

No man in the Bible epitomizes the PhlegChlor better than Abraham in the Old Testament. Fear characterized everything he did in the early days. For instance, he was reluctant to leave the security of the pagan city of Ur when God first called him; he even denied his wife on two occasions and tried to palm her off as his sister because of fear. Finally, he surrendered completely to God and grew in the spirit. Accordingly, his greatest weakness became his greatest strength. Today, instead of being known as fearful Abraham, he has the reputation of being the man who "believed in the Lord; and he counted it unto him for righteousness."

So much of that really is me...the good and the bad! It's not my desire to have boring life and to live in fear. I am, in some ways, glad that I am stubborn, but I know that I need to work on not being so stubborn about silly things. I don't believe that I have to be defined by my personality type, but I think it's helpful to look at it so that I can see some of my strengths and weaknesses. That way I can start finding ways to use my strengths and to surrender those weakness to Jesus Only then can I, like Abraham, let my struggles be turned into tools to be used for the glory of God.

If you are bored, go take the quiz, and come back and let me know what your personality is. ;)

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