Friday, September 18, 2009

One Small Dream Come True

For several years now I have been envisioning the perfect apron. It would be long, have big ruffles on the shoulder straps, and have a bib wide enough to cover my front (so many aprons have such skinny bibs!). The trouble with all of this was that I could never find one. I have looked everywhere I go that sells aprons, but have never been able to find anything like what I really wanted. Oh, I found other aprons that I loved, and a few weeks ago I even found some awesome retro apron patterns that I plan to make for myself, but I could never find THE apron. Well, Monday night my mom and I went to one of the few Wal-marts in our area that still sells fabric. We were flipping through pattern books when suddenly, there it was. MY apron! And to make it better, it was a McCall's Easy Stitch and Save pattern, so it was even relatively cheap! With pattern in hand, I went on a hunt for the right fabric, and, wonder of wonders, found it in the $1 section! I bought it, took it home, and started cutting out my pattern. Now, understand, while I have made a few articles of clothing in my life, it has been many years, and none of them were done without a great deal of help with my mother. I was determined that this time I would figure it out for myself. Naturally, that didn't work out as planned. Mom had to be called in for consultation many times, but I did do the work all on my own. None of this letting her grab it up to do it for me stuff. No my friends, I did the work on this one all by myself and with very little screaming and yelling. Only once did I throw up my hands and threaten to quit and burn the wretched thing (and trust me, that's a big improvement over my usual modus operandi! Jenn, Kate, and Collin, you have NO idea how many times your quilts were threatened with being sacrificed to the fire gods). Anyway, the apron is done now (though I need to put in new button holes as the straps are a bit too long for me). My dad got some pictures of me this morning. He thinks he is a world class photographer, but frankly, well, he isn't. I fiddled a great deal with the pictures to get them anywhere near decent. But, without further ado, I give you Lauren's Dream Apron!

It is far from perfect of course. I messed up here and there, and as I said, the straps are too long and need to be adjusted, but I am thrilled with how it turned out. I wanted to wear it to work. I wanted to wear it forever! Right now, as I sit at work while my class naps, I am longing for the time when I can go home and put it back on. Crazy? Perhaps. I'm OK with crazy. :)

Oh, and for good measure, here are some close ups of my hair today. If you are interested in watching any of the tutorials that I've been basing the looks off of, go check out Casey, Aya, or Lisa on youtube.

Note that the ribbon matches my apron. ;) Oh, I am having way too much fun with all of this!!!

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The Happenings of Supernurse said...

Wow, you are so talented with your hair! And that is a pretty apron! You are so talented at everything you make!

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