Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well, I am still alive. My computer, however, is not. Over Thanksgiving weekend I went to Chattanooga with some friends (will probably be a post about that in the future) and while I was there the screen on my MacBook decided to die. It is currently being sent off to be fixed. Hopefully I will have it back by the middle of next week. As a side note, the girl at the Apple store told me that I was described in the notes (apparently they write discriptions of who is in the store) as the girl in the plaid shirt with the pretty 1940's hairstyle. That made my day and slightly raised my opinion of "Mac people." (I may own a Mac, but I am no Mac snob. I have had just as many problems with my Mac as with any other computer I have ever owned. They are nice machines, but seriously, you'd think they werre perfect and fail proof the way the Mac people talk.) Anyway, I am over typing from my phone, so see ya when the computer is safely back home.

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