Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crocheted Curlers

At the risk of ending up on What Not To Crochet (viewer beware before clicking that link, it's not always pretty, it's sometimes scary, and it's often not child friendly...sure is funny though), I give you the crocheted curler.  Am I crazy?  Perhaps.  However, when I put these in my hair at night instead of the old sponge rollers, I actually get to sleep pain free.  Frankly, I think pain free nights are totally worth the few hours and scrap yarn used to make a set of these. :D I've considered buying the soft pillow rollers before, but to get enough for my hair would cost more than I really care to invest.  I've tried rags, but I have  a hard time rolling them up and tying them. These were quick, easy, and free (since I used leftover yarn) to make. They were inspired by these knitted ones that I found while looking for ways to use up yarn.  I tried to follow the knitting pattern, but knitting 6 little stitches over a set of DPNs is a little beyond my beginner knitting skills.  I quickly decided to come up with my own crochet pattern and whip some up that way instead.   I don't have a strict pattern for them, but the basic idea is as follows:

I used a US size F hook

Work 6 sc in a magic loop (more if you want a thicker curler), do not join
Sc in each sc around until you reach about 3.5 inches
Sc3tog, twice
6 Foundation single crochets, join end to the end of the curler body to make a loop. Finish off.

I have found that the loop stretches out as you use it, so make the loop smaller than you think you will need it to be.  I made mine with various amounts of single crochets, and in the end I think the ones with fewer (around 6) worked out better than the ones I did with more.  You could also stuff your curlers before you sc3tog if you want them a little firmer.  I chose to leave mine hollow inside, and they work fine.  I think that if you decide to make yours bigger, it would probably be a good idea to stuff them.  Mine are fairly thin, so they hold up well without anything in them.

I cannot set my hair wet because it will never dry if I do.  I did try these out with a wet set, but, as usual, a good 10 hours later they were still wet when I went to unroll them. This happens with sponge rollers as well for me.  I can't say how they will work on other people.  If your hair dries easily overnight in rollers, these may as well.  For me, I just mist a little diluted Lottabody setting lotion on each chunk of dry hair before rolling it up.

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Jennifer said...

Well I just think this is a very cool idea :) I use to do the rag way on my daughter when she was little, maybe one day I'll get around to making these and trying them myself!

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