Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back To Disney

I kind of feel like I've neglected the blog this month. Blog, are your feelings hurt?  I'm sorry. :(  Or maybe I'm not.  Suddenly and unexpectedly I seem to have found myself landed in the middle of a semi-social life.   I love you, blog, but you aren't as fun as hanging out with actual people.

At any rate, I'm here now to tell you about yet another trip to that oh so magical land we call Disney World.  I'd been wanting to make a trip to Disney for awhile.  The last time I was there was last September, and call me spoiled, but that is TOO LONG!  So, a few weeks ago some friends and I decided it was time to make a trip.  I booked us into the All-Star Movies Resort, bought my new season pass, and Saturday morning we headed up to Central Florida.  :)

We spent Saturday morning and early afternoon at Animal Kingdom.  Oddly, though I'm not exactly what anyone would classify as an animal lover, I really do enjoy Animal Kingdom.  Somehow it always seems more peaceful and relaxing there than it does at the other parks.  The different themes throughout the park are also done so well.  It's just fun to walk around and see everything.  This trip we even got to see a baby gorilla (or "bagrilla" as the little one in our group called them) who had been born not even 24 hours before!  For  a gorilla, it was really very adorable.

Saturday afternoon we checked into our resort.  I hadn't visited or stayed at any of the "value" resorts at Disney before, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  The staff was very accommodating when we asked to change to a room with two beds (ok, so we booked a room for two people and then put 4 of us in it...hey, it was cheaper that way!).  The movie theme and decor was very cute and fun.  The pool area, while lacking the slide that most of the more expensive resorts there have, was fun with a giant Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey fountain shooting water into the pool.   The food court and gift/convenience shop offered lots of choices.  Everything was very comfortable.   I would absolutely stay there again. 

Saturday night we ate a late dinner at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian.  It was a character dining buffet with Cinderella, her step-mother and sisters, and Prince Charming.  It was probably not something I'd want to do again, but the food was good, and the experience was special for the 3 year old girl who was with us.  After dinner, my one friend and her daughter headed back to the hotel while my other friend and I went over to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours.

Sunday we spent the morning at the Magic Kingdom.  We had planned to head over to Epcot for the afternoon, but we all decided we were done with the parks for the day and spent the afternoon at Downtown Disney instead.   We had lunch at T-Rex (very fun restaurant!) and ended the trip with dessert at Ghiradelli.

Now I've had my Disney fix and should be good for at least, oh, another month or so. ;)

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Candycane said...

Im dying to go back to Disney - plus I want to go to Universal to the new Harry Potter world - whhhhhhhy does it have to be so far away and expensive for me :'(

CC xXx

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