Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Because I'm Worth It ;)

*Looks at the calender.* Oh hey, lookie there.  It's March 3rd!  Happy Birthday to ME!


scraps_n_stuff said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Friend! Have a wonderful day!!!

Justice Pirate said...

hey, I thank you so kindly for what you wrote on my blog about Taken and People Will Talk. It is nice that you agree. I have done public presentations about human trafficking and everyone in my church knows it, so when Taken came out in theatres, I had people going up to me asking if I saw it yet and they were skeptics when they found out about human trafficking through me, and that movie helped them realize it was true. . so I guess in that case it did spread some awareness. It was just soooo odd to me that he rescues the one girl for information about his daughter, and I wonder, "so what happened to her now??" and then the friend Amanda that his daughter went to Paris with died, so what about her? He just left her in that dump of a house in that bed dead! He should have taken her too since that was his daughter's friend. And then she goes back home as if everything is okay after seeing all that??? I don't think so! It just bugged me. :: sigh ::

Thanks for reading more of my rant here! haha.

Happy birthday by the way!!!!!!!!

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