Friday, April 29, 2011

Beach Fun

This week was spring break in our county.  On Monday, D and I both took off work to take the boys to the beach.  We met up with a lady from our church and her little girl, and we headed out to Captiva for the day.  We spend the morning playing at the beach...swimming, building sandcastles, and collecting pretty shells (Captiva and Sanibel beaches are covered in shells.  It's actually kind of hard to walk in the water because of all the shells.  They sure are beautiful though.)

Our friend's husband works at a little Mexican cantina on Captiva, so we went there for lunch.  Man, was it yummy!  I'm so glad I eat Mexican food now! I had a delicious burrito, and for dessert we all shared a plate of fried plantains...sooooooo good!

It was really nice to take an extra day off after vacation before going back to work.  You know how people always say, "I need a vacation to recover from my vacation!"? I feel like I actually got to do that.  I got home on Friday night, but didn't go back to work until Tuesday.  I really felt rested and ready when I finally went back to work.

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