Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Burning Question

Dear Friends, I need answers. There is a question plaguing me. Perhaps I am just not meant to solve this mystery, but I am asking for your help anyway. Here it is...
What in tarnation is it about the word "poop" that so thrills the soul of a 3 year old boy (or let's face it, a boy of any age)? What is it that makes them want to put it in front of any word they can think of (examples include "poop fingers" and "poop crackers") and then scream with laughter over it. I simply cannot understand it. Is there anyone, anyone at all who can explain this to me. D tells me that I cannot understand because I am a girl. Perhaps I should just leave it at that...accept that it is a mystery of the opposite sex that I will never be able to wrap my head around. Still, the question torments me.

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scraps_n_stuff said...

D is right, it's a male thing... But we get to change our mind at the drop of a hat, so I think we win!

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