Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family, Friends, Fireworks, and Fun

This past week and a half has been crazy busy, but in a good way.

Early last Saturday morning, D and I took the boys up to stay at my sister's for the weekend. I have been missing my nephew and nieces like crazy, so it was great being able to spend some time with them. We hung around the house, went out for BD's Mongolian Grill, played at an awesome park, walked around a beautiful garden, and visited a church up there. It was a very relaxing, fun weekend.

Last Monday night, my cousin Kirk and his wife and 3 teenagers came down to stay with us for the week. It had been a year and a half since I had last seen them, so it was fun being able to hang out and catch up.

I took a couple days off work while they were here. We shopped and talked and cooked and played games and tried to swim (it rained most of the week) and played with sparklers out on the dock.

It's kind of funny how my relationships with all three of my cousin's kids have grown over the years. I was 10 when Kailey, the oldest, was born, but somehow we have all always seemed to have more of a peer/friend relationship than I have had with most of my older cousins. At least, that is how it feels to me. Perhaps they are just indulging their ancient cousin. ;)

This Saturday, D, the boys, and I met up with his family to watch a big Fireworks display.

We sat in a Rib City parking lot and played with our 130 glow sticks for a few hours while we waited for dark.

The fireworks didn't start till after 9:30, but we had fun waiting. The display was well done, and we all enjoyed it.

Sunday was spent mostly relaxing with my cousins. D was supposed to come over with the boys, but wasn't able to because their mom ended up asking D to drop them off at her house so she could have a chance to do fireworks with them. Instead, he came over early Monday morning to meet my cousins before they went home.

Monday, D's sister, BIL, and nephew came over to swim in between the raindrops In the evening he picked up the boys, and we went over to his parents for dinner. People in their community put on a pretty spectacular fireworks show. We sat in the backyard and watched as the neighbors all around burned up thousands of dollars for our enjoyment. I have seen professional fireworks displays that were not as amazing as the ones shooting off in his parent's neighborhood. We stayed out for a couple hours watching them and playing with sparkers and eating popsicles and dropping pieces of them down my shirt...oh wait, that last part was just me...

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