Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Birthdays and Greek Fest

 This is birthday time for my nieces.  Both were born at the end of February, less than a year apart.  My older niece actually gets to have her first real birthday tomorrow (other than the day she was born)! She is our little Leap Day girl.  :)
Saturday, my parents, D, and I drove up to my sister's for the big, joint birthday party.  We spent the morning walking around their cute little downtown area.  What a funny little town.  Most of the shops and restaurants close on the weekend! We did find a few fun antique and pawn shops to browse through, and we had some amazing pizza at a little family run pizza place.  We also enjoyed walking through the old courthouse which the town has turned into a free history museum.  

In the afternoon, my brother-in-law began smoking the meats for the big dinner.  We mostly sat around and relaxed.  I think I even got in a little nap on D's shoulder.
Dinner was awesome!  We feasted, and I even tried a few things

She is getting an ab workout.  Mermaids need to have good abs you know. ;)
My nieces had a great time tearing into all their presents.  I got them each a doll and some sparkly hair clips.  My eldest niece is into mermaids these days, so I crocheted one for her in addition to the Rapunzel doll I bought her.

We left shortly after dinner to make the drive home.  My mom, D, and I played a game of scrabble which D won, but claims he did not win by enough. *eyeroll*

Sunday morning, D and I went for a walk (my parents had put him up for the night at our house since it was late, and we'd be going to church together in the morning) before church.  After church we met up with his family for Greek Fest, and then went over to his shop so he could work on a project he's doing for his dad.  After he picked up the boys in the evening, we had a yummy Jerk Tilapia dinner with Mango Cous Cous and watched Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz (Ok, they watched it...I fell asleep). 

*Sigh* weekends are never long enough.

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