Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday Fun

*Sigh,* the weekend is over once again.  I wish the preschool would close for President's Day like the schools do.  However, I suppose parents wouldn't care for that much.  It's been a nice weekend, though.  Yesterday, I met D and the boys at their house in the morning before church.  (I have started going over there early and riding to church with them.  We usually end up going several different places on Sunday afternoon, and it's easier to just have one car.)  S and I went over his spelling words on the way to church.  He wasn't overly thrilled about that, but he did well.

After church, we went over to D's parents to have lunch with them and his sister's family.  They live in a nice area for biking, so we took a ride.  N, who is 5, makes it a little difficult and stressful because he is always lagging behind, but it was still fun.  During the afternoon, we decided to go see The Secret World of Arrietty.  If you haven't seen it, it's a good family movie.  We all enjoyed it.  It is pretty closely based on Mary Norton's The Borrowers, which I love.  D is a big fan of the movie's co-writer, Hayao Miyazaki. Though we had no idea he was a writer on it when we went to see the film.  

We ended up eating dinner at Johnny Rockets after the movie.  Man oh man, that is NOT low calorie food! The sad thing is, I don't even think the food is really worth the amount of calories.  It's one thing to spend 800 calories on an amazing piece of cheesecake.  It is another entirely to spend it on a so-so burger.  Thank goodness I have D to save me from eating all of something just because it is in front of me.  He at half my burger.  (It seems really unfair that he can eat all he wants and never gain any weight!)

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