Friday, March 9, 2012

8 Tidbits of Random

1. In an attempt to get a bit of exercise, I am pacing back and forth in my classroom while the kiddos nap. (I am blogging from my iPhone. You can't say I don't multi-task.)

2. My ankles keep popping, and I really hope this annoying sound will not wake the children.

3. My iPhone has a pretty blue case that I randomly picked up at Walmart today.

4. Walmart refused to change my oil or put air in my tires because I have some sort of leak. I really need an oil change!!

5. I started counting calories again a little less than two months ago, and I have lost 9 lbs, 1" off my hips, and 1.5" off my waist. Yay!

6. Aren't they cute?

7. To clarify, I personally do not have a leak. My car has a leak. My car is also the one needing the oil change and air in the tires.

8. #7 was probably an unnecessary clarification.

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