Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Did Something Crazy

Yep, today I did something that I hope was the right thing to do. I believe it was. Today I quit my job. I tries to give two weeks notice, but I was begged to stay on until the end of the school year. I said I would think about it.

Crazy things have been going on lately at the preschool where I work. My boss of 8 years resigned from her position as director, and the church has implemented a school board to take over. There really is a lot more to it than that, and it isn't really very pretty. However, I really don't want to get into it all here. Let's just say, I do not appreciate the way things have been handled by the church and school board, and I especially do not like the way our director had been treated. There is a part of me that quit for those reasons, but it is really more of just the proverbial old straw that broke the camels back. I have been ready to go for a long time. I am miserable at my job. I am tired of disrespectful, disobedient children. I am tired of the government agencies being more concerned about hand washing and table cleaning than they are about the education of these children. I am tired of parents who are too selfish and lazy to actually spend time with their children or teach them right from wrong. I am tired! I stayed as long as I did because my boss was really good to me and because I was afraid to try something new, but neither of those reasons hold up. Fear of failure is no excuse for being miserable everyday.

I have no idea what I will do now. I have no experience with anything other than childcare. I have no interest in working in retail or waiting tables. Those sound like miserable jobs (for me...they are excellent for some people I am sure). I kind of just want to find a job in an office somewhere. I think I need to first figure out how to improve my knowledge of Microsoft office and other such commonly used programs.

I really wish that I could find a job that I would really like. I guess that is what most people want. I wonder how many people actually get that wish?

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