Thursday, March 21, 2013

Leftover Lasagna Soup

On Sunday for dinner I made a small tray of lasagna for D, the boys, and I. It was pretty good, but after eating leftovers for lunch 3 days in a row, I was pretty much over it. I started looking online for ways to use up leftover lasagna. There were a few things here and there...stuff it into peppers, chop it up and toss it with a salad...but nothing was really speaking to me. The only promising idea I could find was to turn it into soup. I found a couple of recipes, but none of them were quite right for what I had on hand. I decided to just figure it out on my own.

I cooked some minced garlic and red chili peppers in about a tablespoon of olive oil. I had about a quarter of an 8x8 tray of lasagna leftover as well as a bit of potato left from scooping it out for potato skins. I threw them together in the food processor with a half of a can of diced tomatoes until they were blended into a thick...well...goop. Then I added that to the pot with the garlic and peppers and the rest of the diced tomatoes and poured in a can of chicken broth. I didn't feel like it had enough tomato, so I added in a small can of tomato sauce. I also added a bit of white wine...why not? I seasoned it with oregano, parsley, salt, and red and black pepper and cooked it on medium until it was heated through.

I was a little nervous about feeding it to D. After all, it was a little weird. It tasted pretty good though, so I served it up with some mixed veggies and garlic bread. He said it was good, so I think it was a successful dish. He isn't usually one to hide the truth when he doesn't like something I make.

Experimenting in the kitchen is fun. :) I had the leftovers today for lunch with a big delicious salad. It totally it the spot.

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