Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Decision Time

About 5 minutes from my house is a gym.  I pass it on my way home from everywhere.  Every time I do, I think, I should stop in there and just ask some questions...get a feel for the place.  I never did though.  I'm such a chicken.  Last night one of my very favorite people was chatting with me online and pretty much told me that I MUST go in and find out about it.  When she tells me I must do things, I often actually do them.  I don't know why.  I don't do this for other people.  She just always manages to give me the right push.  A little over 3 years ago, she told me I MUST take this guy up on his offer to go to the zoo with him and his boys for the day.  I'd already turned him down because I was to nervous, but the morning of I texted him and said I'd changed my mind.  I'm still dating that guy today. :) I'd wanted to go all along, but I just needed someone to make me do it.  Anyway, after her telling me last night that I WAS going to join a gym, today I marched my lazy butt over there and signed up!

Tomorrow I have an appointment to meet with a trainer. She'll help me get started with a plan and show me how to use everything.  I'm kind of nervous, but I'm also excited about it! The place seemed really nice and clean, and it smelled good.  The lady I spoke with was super friendly and relaxed.  I didn't feel any pressure or judgement.  I thought about going home and thinking it over first, but I knew if I didn't do it then, I'd probably never come back. 

I'll see how it goes.  I have two weeks to try it out.  If I don't like it, they will refund my money.  Now I just have to make sure I actually go!  I think the knowledge that I'm committed to monthly payments will help me get off my hind end, and get myself in shape!

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