Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Girls Don't Poop

Every once in while, an advertisement comes along that is so amazingly brilliant, you cannot possible skip or fast forward through it.  It may even compel you to head over to good old youtube to rewatch.  A few days ago I discovered such an ad.

My cousin posted a link of the Book of Face.  It was a sweet little video about how gratitude makes us happy...or something.  It probably would have made a bigger impression had it not been overshadowed by this little gem.

Yes friends, it's a video about poop.  I've been accused of only liking this because of her accent, and I'd like to address this.  I'll admit that the accent helps make the video what it is.  It would not be as effective without a pretty, prim, proper, and put together girl, and clearly the accent helps us see her in that light. Perhaps the thing that truly attracts me (is it wrong to say attracts when talking about an advertisement relating to poo?) and makes this hilarious, is that my own boyfriend is the kind of guy who seems to be unwilling to to believe that girls do, in fact, poop.  

Watch this video.  Seriously.  Just do it. 

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