Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happiness Is Being An Auntie :D

The past two nights we have had my nephew and niece staying with us. I love being able to come home and spend time with them. My niece is a little more than 5 months old, and she is the sweetest little angel. My nephew is 3 and angel is not the word I would use to describe him. He is all boy and can be a handful, but he can also be very sweet. He is full of personality and keeps us all laughing. Tonight I volunteered for the task of giving him a bath and reading him his bedtime story. After he had his bath and got in his Lightning McQueen pjs, we hid in my special closet under the stairs, plugged in the multi-colored Christmas lights, and read Dr. Seuss together. I love times like that...just him and me. I'm so thankful that they live close by and that I get to see them so often. My sister is expecting her 3rd next March and has her hands full, so I imagine that we will have lots of opportunities to watch the kids over the next year.

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