Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have a possible nanny job lined up! It's not for sure yet, and I plan to get some more info before accepting it. However, I'm excited to just have a possibility. The family lives about 2 hours south of me and has 3 children. The pay is decent, the hours are good, and I'd be able to come home Thursday nights and go back Monday mornings. I'm going to take some time to pray and ask more questions before I accept. Thankfully I have a week of vacation coming up where I will be able to do that.

Today I took the kids to see Space Chimps. I went in with very low expectations. It looked like another stupid humor kids movie. I was pleasantly surprised though. It actually turned out to be a pretty cute movie, and I enjoyed it. It's certainly not going in my favorite movies list, but it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

My sister has not been feeling well, so we have the kids for another night. Tonight I gave my niece a bath, and while I am very experienced in most areas of childcare, I must say that I have never bathed a child that small before. The kitchen sink wasn't available and we don't have a baby bathtub here, so I had to make do with just the regular bathtub. She was so precious though. I felt like a clumsy, incapable auntie, but she never made the slightest fuss. She actually seemed to enjoy being in the water, even with her Auntie letting her little feet slip all over the floor of the tub!

I'm so excited about my trip. It will be fun to see my family and friends and my old college campus and some of my old hang-outs. I should probably get started on packing so I won't have to do it all tomorrow night.

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