Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Trip Back In Time

This past Saturday I attended the Alafia River Rendezvous with some friends from church. The people who put this on stay there for a week and live as though it were pre-1840s. The day we went was a public day, so we were able to walk around and visit the various stores, crafts, foods, and dwellings of those who were taking part in it. We have gone each year for the past three years, and it's always a lot of fun. I enjoy seeing all the people dressed up in clothing from various time periods pre-1840s. I've always loved old fashioned dresses, and every year I am so tempted to buy one. However, I realize that I will have little opportunity to wear it, and as they are a bit pricey, I usually pass.

I did buy this fan as well as a snood. Two years ago I bought a straw hat (which I later shaped), a feather, and a hat pin. Here you can see me wearing all of these items. I bought a sword for my pirate outfit last year, but it did not seem appropriate for this picture. I have no idea what I will ever do with any of these items. The hat has been sitting on the pediment of my secretary for two years now, but at least the feather and hat pin on it match the colors of my room! The snood is really, very comfortable, but I'm not sure I want to see all the crazy looks people would give me if I wore it in public!

Most of the food they have at this thing is fried, so for lunch I had a deep fried pizza followed up by a funnel cake. Healthy, right? I do generally eat pretty healthy, so I don't feel that bad when I occasionally splurge. At any rate, it was deep fried pizza or go without lunch for me, and going without lunch was not a good option. In the picture, I am eating my deep fried, cheese pizza. The fry bread was pretty good, but the inside was just OK. It certainly isn't the kind of food I get excited about eating. However, the funnel cake was all I had hoped it would be. YUM!

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Anonymous said...

Deep fried pizza? ... because it doesn't have enough 'bad' stuff in pizza already huh?

It really is true isn't it.. if you can eat it, Americans will deep fry it!

But wow... what an amazing day. It sounds like so much fun!!

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