Saturday, October 17, 2009

Now This Is More Like It!

Yep, that's me...outside.  If only every day in the Florida fall were more like this one!  It is in the 70s today here.  It's breezy, it's sunny, and I can breath when I walk outside.  In fact, I even have my windows open (a good thing too since my room reeks of roach spray...had a little run in with one last night.  Bleh!)!  Considering it's been in the 90s here lately, I am absolutely loving this weather.  It will only last for a few days, but I am going to be thankful for it while it lasts.  I walked around outside for awhile.  You know, I'm not much of an outdoor girl, but when I do get myself away from the laptop and out the door, I always end up discovering all over again that it really is rather beautiful here.  Sure, I miss the fall leaves and the cool weather and the opportunity to wear sweaters, but really, on a day like this, Florida is a very nice place to be.

I took a few pictures as I wondered around outside today. 

These are the Mangrove roots and trees that are supposedly holding Florida together or something like that.  They are highly protected.

And this is a bit of the view from our dock behind the house. It was windy out there, and I was almost chilly enough to want long sleeves! For me, that's a thrill. ;)

And just for the fun of it, here is a hairstyle I came up with yesterday. I'm having a bit of trouble with victory rolls and some other authentic techniques. I think it is in part because the ends are getting kind of scraggly. I am in serious need of a haircut. Still, I'm having lots of fun playing around with hairstyles lately.

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