Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thank You, Superman!

It absolutely blows my mind that this picture would not exist if it were not for a TV show that went on the air 16 years ago.  When I started watching Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman back in my younger years, I couldn't have possibly known the profound impact it would someday have on my life.   Who knew that I would someday rediscover this show on DVD and that it would lead me to the insanity of the world of online fandom.   How could I have guessed that through that fandom I would meet some of my best friends.  (Now, those of you who may be interested in this fandom world, be warned that is not all rosy and wonderful.  There is drama in this land...drama like you would not believe.  But that is not the topic of this post.)  Well, those thoughts may have never entered my young mind,  but 16 years and 26 days after the airing of the pilot episode, I found myself picking up Jenn (my dear fellow fandom-dweller) and her adorable little 4 month old from the airport and bringing them back to my house for a week of fun in the Florida sunshine.  And a great week it was too! Though this was not the first time we had met in person (in fact, it was the 3rd) it was the first time we ever actually sat down together and watched the show that was responsible for our meeting in the first place.  What a blast that was!  While our hearts are always true to our show, I think that both of us had lost some interest in it lately.  Somehow watching it together brought back a bit of that old spark.  It was such fun to swoon together over the romance, snark over the absurdities, and drool a bit over our Superman.  It made the show come alive in a way it hadn't been in far too long.  Of course, we did not sit around and watch Lois and Clark all week. There was cheesecake, the beach, shopping, talking and laughing into the wee small hours of the morning, swimming, baby giggles, and even a few mosquito bites (OK, that part is not so much great but certainly worth it).   

It was a little sad to send her and that precious little man home yesterday morning.  I am missing them both already!


lisamaree said...

I love that pic. I am so glad you gals had such a great time, and you got to meet that handsome little man too!! I'm jealous!!!

Jenn said...

I feel stupid that I didn't leave you a comment here! I think I thought I did. Blame it on mom brain and ... um, yeah. I still have jetlag ... nine days later. It's possible!

Anyway, I am so, so glad that I came to visit! I loved seeing where you live and meeting your family. And it meant so much for me to be able to introduce Collin to his Auntie Chad. After all, you've been along for the whole ride! (And see, I really do have a child! He's not imaginary!)

I had such a blast doing everything from seeing the Gulf and your little town to eating cheesecake and just hanging around watching L&C. It's way more fun watching it with a fellow fan than it is with my dear husband, who does not appreciate shirtless Dean in the black pants from SoulMates. I just don't know what his problem is.

I think we need to come visit again sometime, if you'll have us. Collin misses the pool, and we both miss you!

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