Monday, March 15, 2010

Deep Fried Tummy Aches

Normally I'd be in the process of changing diapers right now, but sometimes life doesn't go as you expect.  So, here I am blogging instead.  We'll get to the why later (and no, I didn't lose my job or quit or anything crazy like that.)

Saturday, my friend Keli and I and a bunch of her friends drove to Plant City for the Strawberry Festival (or, you know, "Skrawberry Festable" depending on who you are.)  It was a fun day and, weather wise, a GORGEOUS one.   I could be wrong, but it seems like it was the warmest it's been all year.  (I'm so pathetic, in the fall I complain about it being too hot here, but as soon as Christmas is over I'm wanting the warm weather again!)  The festival itself was enjoyable, but nothing really thrilling for me.  The best part was just being out in the nice weather and enjoying the company of others instead of sitting around in my house all day.  Had I been there by myself, I might have spent a little more time checking out the craftier sections of festival.  However, we spent most of the time in the ride/food areas.  Seriously, when I go to something like this, I cannot help but be amazed at our American fascination with fried food.
There really is nothing we will not cover in batter and drown in sizzling hot oil, is there?  From strawberries to candy bars to even deep fried Pepsi
(yes, I actually saw this though I did not partake).  I limited my deep fried intake to chicken and potatoes, though I kinda wish I had passed on the potatoes and had a funnel cake instead! 

Anyway, I came home Saturday night tired and slightly sunburned, but happy.  Unfortunately, my stomach decided to revolt on Sunday morning.  I woke up feeling a bit queasy and figured I'd just    eaten too much junk on Saturday.  I made it to church and through lunch (though I couldn't eat much).  I came home, took a nap, and woke up several hours later feeling horrible.  I spent the rest of the day in bed with a fever (which makes me believe that I caught some kind of bug and it was not just too much bad-for-me food), tummy ache, and body aches.  This morning I was starting to feel better and my fever was gone, but I was still weak and achy, so I decided to stay home from work and let myself fully recover.  No need to be passing out at work or passing around sick germs to my kiddies.  So, here I am in bed with my computer instead of eating fishy crackers with hungry two year olds. 

(Yes, the sign in that picture says Krispy Kreme Donut Burger.  Check it out, but beware.  I think I had a heart attack just looking at it.)  

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lisamaree said...

That looks like so much fun! Americans sure know how to do a fair. :)

But that deep fried krispy kreme....YIKES! that's scary.
I guess it is true what they say that you can fry anything... the thing is are people seriously brave enough to eat them?? I sure wouldn't be.

I hope you're over the virus whatever it was and mack to making your little people smile. :)

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