Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Elephants, Flamingos, and Memories. Oh My!

Last Thursday evening, D and I spent several hours doing some cleaning at his house. In the process, we ended up throwing out a bunch of stuff from his counter tops and cabinets. Included in that were these little guys.

D has had them sitting on his counter since April 17, 2010. They were never going to get used and were taking up valuable counter space, so I suggested it was time for them to go. D is pretty sentimental about stuff, so he didn't really want to let them go. However, he agreed that it was time. I suggested we take pictures first since they were a good memory from a fun day. I took the picture, put them in the trash, and then remember. I already was aware that these bottles had been bought on the day the four of us went to the Naples Zoo. However, it wasn't until after I put them in the trash that I remembered that the trip to the Naples Zoo was the first thing I ever did with D and his boys. He had bought the first one for the boys to share. The second one had been purchases because N, who was 3 at the time, had grabbed it off a refrigerated shelf while we were getting lunch and had put it in his mouth before we realized it.

That really was a fun day. I wouldn't really say it was a date. Other friends had been invited to go as well, but I had been the only one to come. I already liked D at that point though. I was crazy nervous at first...I almost didn't go because I knew no one else was going. I ended up feeling really comfortable with D and his boys though. I was pretty thankful for my friend, Jenn...she was the one who told me I was being a moron for not going and convinced me to change my mind. Thanks, Jenn. :)

I am not sure if I would have thrown them away if I had been thinking clearly at first. I am glad I took a picture though.

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