Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break

I feel like I've been failing pretty badly this week.  It's spring break for me, so I'm off my normal schedule.  That never seems to help me out.  Plus the house is full of freaking Easter candy, and it all keeps calling to me.  I think that honestly, I haven't done horribly, but I haven't done well either.  We have eaten out a lot and made several big, yummulicious meals at home.  Like, oh my word, the other night my sister and I made fish tacos.  Uh-May-Zing! I couldn't help but go back for seconds.  I did refrain from loading it on a tortilla the second time though.  I just made a little pile of taco fillings on my plate.  If I could share a homemade fish taco with you, I totally would. 

When we have eaten out, I have tried really hard to leave lots of food on my plate or order just the salad bar (and then eat healthy off of it!)  I think I've done decently with that.  Tonight my boyfriend and I went to this new seafood place while we were out shopping.  I ordered fish tacos (can you tell I love me some fish tacos?), but they were eh.  It came with three small tacos, fries, and a small bowl of slaw.  I ate two of the tacos, about half the fries (the fries were killer.  The rest of the meal was not so awesome, but the fries were crazy good.  I had to have my boyfriend take the plate out of reach so I would stop eating them) and a few bites of the slaw. I'd feel pretty good about all of that if I hadn't come home and eaten two pieces of chocolate and a Twizzlers Pull 'n Peel.  *Sigh* Seriously, there is a disgusting amount of candy in this house. 

Anyhoo...I'm hoping it will get easier to get back on track once the Holiday is over and I'm back on my normal schedule. 

Happy Easter! My Jesus is alive forevermore!

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