Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Writng Prompt #1 Childhood Memory

Blah Blah, life moves on. Blah Blah, it's been forever.  Blah Blah, I have a new job working for my dad now.  On to other things.

I just came across (via pinterest naturally) a website featuring 25 writing prompts.  I frequently feel that I have nothing to say, so I'm going to try them out.  I'm not sure I'll do all 25, but maybe I'll try. 

Prompt #1.
What is your earliest memory?

I have a lot of memories from early childhood, so pinning it down to the earliest would be impossible.  It isn't as though I have a timeline of events in my head and can pick the first date off of it. The following, however, has to be pretty early:

My sister is less than 14 months younger than me.  I can't remember life before she came around.  People used to mistake us for twins. I must have been pretty young when she was still sleeping in her crib.   I wasn't allowed to be in there anymore.  I was too big, and it was my sister's turn to be the baby.  I'm not sure if it was a desire to be with my baby sister or a desire to hang on to being the baby in the family, but I recall that I used to sneak into her crib to play with her. I know that I got caught at it, but my memory is that I did it several times.  I think we played with her toys in there.  I'm not really sure as I can only see snippets in my head.  When my sister outgrew the crib, we sold it in a garage sale at my Gramma's house.   I remember standing in her driveway with my mom, both of us crying as we said goodbye to the crib and babyhood. 

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