Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Three Hour Tour...I Mean Layover

Let's hope my three hour layover doesn't last as long as Gilligan's 3 hour tour!

I can never really decide if I like layovers or not.  Maybe it just depends on the airport.  Some airports suck.  Your food choices are pre-packaged shelf sandwich or unbelievably greasy pizza.  There is nothing to look at or do.  That's when I hate layovers.  However, layovers at decently sized airports are not so bad.  Today I'm at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.  I have a 3 hour layover before heading on to my final destination.  I spent my first hour and 15 minutes walking and exploring the airport.  I figured since I probably am not going to make it to the gym today, I had better take advantage of this opportunity to at least get a little bit of exercise.  There are a lot of good food options here, and it took me all that time just to pick a place to have lunch.  Mexican? Stir-fry? Sandwiches? Sushi? (haha, I didn't actually consider sushi...I haven't braved up THAT much.) I finally went with California Pizza Kitchen.  I had the Thai Chicken Pizza.  If they'd had their Jerk or Chipotle pizzas, I'd have probably had those instead, but I'm glad they didn't because it meant I tried something new.  It was really yummy! I sent D a pic and he said it looked weird.  Maybe it was weird, but who cares.  It was delicious.

Only 40 minutes left of my 3 hour layover   It's actually gone by a lot faster than I expected.  Boarding should be starting pretty soon.  Onward to Michigan and family!

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Jenn said...

You need to try the Cheesecake Factory's Thai Chicken Pasta. SO good.

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