Thursday, October 3, 2013


I'm going to start tracking my food again.  It's a pain in the butt sometimes, but when I do it with reasonable consistency, I get results.  Exercise is awesome and healthy.  I'm enjoying it, and am going to keep at it, but I know that unless I burn more calories than I consume, I'm not going to lose weight.  So, back to the old MyFitnessPal.

I think need to figure out how to cut back on sugar.  It's so hard! There is sugar in like, everything! I notice that when I'm tracking, I've often met the recommended sugar amount by the time I finish my breakfast. Look at my journal for today.  Just finished lunch and I'm at -29 grams of sugar. Not cool! Honestly, it's not like that's all junk food, but there's loads of sugar in fruit and bread and cereal. I end up just ignoring the sugar and eating whatever anyway.  I think I need to come up with some good breakfasts that are high in protein and low in sugar.  I get so lazy, and end up just pouring myself a bowl of cereal in the morning, but that is silly.  I have time to fix myself a decent breakfast, and I need to start doing it.

MyFitnessPal is pretty awesome though.  It lets me create my own recipes and meals, and it tracks everything.  You can even track exercise with it. It's a handy-dandy little tool.

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