Saturday, October 19, 2013

Michigan Vacation Part 2

 My Aunt M is a planner.  She likes to make sure that no one is ever bored on vacation. :)  She certainly succeeded with me.  She had things planned for nearly every day of my trip, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them.

Thursday afternoon we drove to an adorable tea room for lunch.  My second cousin (pictured left...daughter of the women we had dinner with on Tuesday) met us there.  It was so nice to see her.  As children, when I still lived up there, we played together often.  We even did a yearly Breakfast With Santa together at Christmas time.  Since I've moved to Fl, we've kind of drifted apart.  I see her every few years though, and I always enjoy her company. The 5 of us had a very nice lunch together and did a little shopping.  

The hardest part of my trip was visiting my Uncle in his care center on Thursday afternoon.  My Aunt M's husband has always been a lively, fun, loving man.  He had the biggest, most sincere laugh in the world.  Seeing him unable to leave his chair, or feed himself, or really even speak or acknowledge those around him just broke my heart.  He has some form of Alzheimer's, and it has taken him away from us far too soon.  He's been suffering from it for several years now, but this was the first time I'd seen him in awhile.  The last time he had started to get confused and needed a lot of assistance, but there was still my Uncle underneath it.  Now it's like the disease has taken over and just left a shell behind.  I tried so hard not to cry when I saw him, but I couldn't hold back the tears.  I ended up sobbing on Aunt L's shoulder.  I've lost my grandfather to this disease as well, and I hate it more than I can say.  I pray that they will find a cure soon.  

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